Come in, and know us better man!

Ross Brunetti

Ross is a comedy writer & producer. He has created original content for NBC, Google, Funny or Die and College Humor. He works as an audio engineer and voiceover artist, most recently serving as the executive producer for the 2016 Google Play Award show. He splits his time between sleeping and not sleeping in Brooklyn, NY. 

matt flores

matt is a producer & aspiring youth soccer player. His work has been featured on NBC, JASH, Vice & Funny or Die. He is the co-owner & Executive Producer of NYC based production company Surrender Pictures. When he is not worrying about the budget he enjoys denying his wrestling fandom.


Jon Hart

Jon is a producer, editor, writer, performer, and director. His work has been on NBC, Funny or Die, Vice, and College Humor. He also works with Surrender Pictures in New York City. Previously, he worked in post-production for reality shows with titles like Best Funeral Ever (for real), and a Moroccan restaurant in Midtown where he had to pick dollar bills off the floor after belly dancing performances. When he’s old and grey, he will look back at his life and wish he spent more time watching movies & television. 

Ted Limpert

Ted is an actor, voice artist, musician, writer, comedian, director, producer, video editor, amateur web designer and, at times, a reckless dancer. He's created and starred in, videos for NBC, Funny or Die and College Humor. He has a few films in the indie festival circuit, and much like a hooker, will do just about anything to pay rent.

Tim O'Brien

Tim was raised in Canadian back-country by Tuscarora Indians, where he learned to gamble and suck the fat off wild boar. He moved to America in 1999 after guerrilla encounters with Cowboys and Communists. In America, he learned how to dance. He kidnapped a mother, a father, and a sister of similar build and intelligence. Tim now lives in Brooklyn, and his work has been featured on NBC, Funny or Die, College Humor, Jash, etc. We all work together.

Editor's note: BORT was not associated with Mr. O'Brien at the time of said kidnapping. Tim is a director of photography.

Dave Seekamp

Dave is an editor, visual effects artist, and post-production wiz. His work has been on HBO, CNN, JASH, NBC, Funny or Die, and College Humor. He also works with Surrender Pictures in New York City. One day he’s gonna leave this city life behind, return to the Catskills, and open a Christmas Tree farm.